With the closure of physical shops, the French are turning to e-commerce more than ever .
At the end of April, Emmanuel Grenier, CEO of Cdiscount, announced a 40% increase in sales over this period*. New product categories are sought after by Cdiscount consumers.

Internet users are at the rendezvous and a multitude of sellers are present to meet their needs:

How to stand out on the Cdiscount marketplace?

Today we are sharing our tips for getting your business off the ground!

Here are the best tips from the Cdiscount Advertising Sellers team:

Tips 1 - Building and consolidating your paid search engine optimization :

60% of purchases are made via the search engine.

Referencing allows you to inform your offers according to their relevance to a keyword, which will be searched via the search engine. There are two types of referencing: natural (SEO) and paid (SEA).

To accelerate your rise in the search engine, it is recommended to set up paid referencing via the C.A.R.S. platform (Sponsored Products).

Up to 20 million searches are conducted per week. Within these results, Sponsored Products are strategically placed to generate more clicks.

Being present on Cdiscount allows us to reach over 20 million unique visitors. Recently, thanks to Google Shopping, our sellers are attracting new targets of more intentional visitors.
Complementary to Sponsored Products, you work on your referencing but this time on Google.

Tips 2 - Boosting your competitiveness :

The customer on Cdiscount is looking for the best price on the market, so he will be very sensitive to the idea of making a deal!

For the past 3 years, we have deployed a technology that allows us to target the most hesitant customers and encourage them to make a purchase. This technology is called BRI and it allows us to increase orders by 40%*** with equivalent traffic by offering a personalised discount voucher to its customers!

Tips 3 - Targeting your presence :

Cdiscount's annual activity is punctuated by highlights where each product category is highlighted according to the commercial operations.

Via Premium Ads, sellers can access strategic locations on the homepage and navigation and thus benefit from the same visibility as suppliers or big brands.

Tips 4 - Building a marketing strategy :

For the past 3 years, Cdiscount Marketplace has been offering Premium Memberships: they have been adopted by nearly 2,800 merchants. If these merchants have chosen to subscribe to a Premium Membership, it is above all to build a strategy on the Marketplace. Indeed, thanks to Premium Subscriptions, you benefit from the above-mentioned visibility levers, but also from services allowing you to improve your supply chain or from the support of a marketing expert. All these features will help you boost your business and be more efficient on the Marketplace ! What kind of seller are you?

You are a beginner seller and do not have a subscription:

Visit the Cdiscount Advertising Sellers website to help you choose the right subscription for you!

You have a subscription but you do not use all of it:

Allocate your budget to your favourite services now by contacting your account manager or the support team (subject to acceptance).

You use your subscription 100%:

Upgrade your Premium Membership to get more benefits!

interviewgiven to FranceInfo
Traffic on the top 10K queries from 1 April to 16 April
Average result observed in an AB test in April 2020 on a base of 685 merchants using the BRI solution

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