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Cdiscount Advertising



in the development of their visibility

and their sales

Help brands, suppliers and sellers Cdiscount, to develop their awareness and sales

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Boost your sales performances on your stores and on Cdiscount,
thanks to our targeted digital marketing solutions.

Generate 14 times more sales with Sponsored Products!

* "Study conducted between March 1 and 31, 2021 by comparing the number of sales made after printing from the search engine for the entire Cdiscount Marketplace and when the product is sponsored"

French days on Cdiscount

First French online shop 

26.2M V.U.
Record-breaking audience
December 2020

145 categories
A multi-specialist

10M customers
3 million new buyers in 2020

Cdiscount Advertising


partner of your business


E-retail experts - Digital marketing
Data - Media traders

3 000

Brands customers

1 500

Data segments

Our Solutions

With a unique data ADN, Cdiscount Advertising aims to support brands and Cdiscount sellers through effective Digital marketing solutions.. Different advertising solutions: Display, Search, Video, Live shopping, Social Retail and Personalized discount, to target 18 million Cdiscount shoppers and intentionists.

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Our answer to your business issues.

Who are you?

Are you a Cdiscount Seller? Are you a brand or retailer?
We propose several solutions specialized in your business challenges:
Boost your awareness, elevate your brand message and develop your sales!

Cdiscount Advertising for brands

Cdiscount suppliers and brands

Cdiscount Advertising for sellers

Cdiscount marketplace sellers

Anything else?

Please, contact our digital marketing experts!

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Strong values

in France


Agility, innovation, result-based culture


(small/medium businesses and major corporations)

Our successes

Our ambition in terms of innovation adtech & data is strong: develop efficient and self-service marketing solutions to answer brands’ needs, who want to increase their on and off-line sales.

An ambition recognized by the market and endorsed by our clients ;-)


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