Thanks to the internal resources of Cdiscount Advertising Sellers and the experience of our partners, our ambition is to create innovative technological solutions for the sellers of Cdiscount Marketplace. Our teams are attentive to the needs of merchants. We are also in daily contact with Cdiscount Marketplace employees who manage their shops.

Until today, we develop and continue to improve solutions with one objective: to optimize the seller's experience through his activity on the Cdiscount marketplace while meeting customers' expectations!

How does the COP agency go about offering new services tailored to the marketplace's sellers?

1. Identification and analysis of the need of the sellers

The needs of our vendors are at the heart of our thinking. We identify them in two ways:

  • Cdiscount account managers systematically inform us of their merchants' needs
  •  We are also in contact with Cdiscount's support teams, who collect feedback from sellers

This feedback allows us to work on the development of relevant services. We are at the heart of the problems and innovations of e-commerce. The mission of our Innovation Product Manager Cyril is to identify solutions that will play a key role in the performance of Cdiscount merchants.

2. Implementing the right solution

Once the need has been identified, it is important to define the framework of our action. There are several possibilities:

Carrying out our project with in-house teams

As part of Cdiscount, we can showcase our expertise by creating our own solutions. Océane, our C.A.R.S (Cdiscount Ads Retail Solution) expert, for example, has worked directly with our project teams on our Sponsored Products platform and produces guides to facilitate its use .

Calling on an expert in the field

We can also call on partners to find optimal solutions for our vendors. We work with experts in the field, from start-ups to larger companies.

3. Testing phase (POC) with volunteer customers

The test phase is essential in the implementation of the project. This stage allows us to test the operation on a small scale with volunteer sellers. The aim is to obtain feedback. We can then make the necessary improvements and deploy it to all our sales staff. The test allows our teams to identify the strong points of the service. We give this stage the time necessary to optimise the product and its functionality.

A test phase is currently under way for a pricing solution in collaboration with Pricemoov. Don't waste time, places are limited!

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4. Launching the solution

Once the test phase is over, the solution is ready to be unveiled to all our vendors. We then prepare an adapted communication.The team's objective is to highlight the concrete cases in which a salesperson might need this service.

Externally, we present our services via emails, banners on the Seller's Area and posts on our LinkedIn page. We also share news with our employees in the Cdiscount Marketplace.

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