Whether you are in the middle of a relaunch or simply want to give your business a boost, Have you thought about ensuring the quality of your e-commerce catalogue?

The way you present your products to customers is crucial, regardless of the sales medium. But even more so on a marketplace because you are no longer in the personalised environment of your physical shop or e-commerce site. You must also It is important for you to stand out and assert yourself against competitors whose offer may be very similar to yours.

How to optimise your product catalogue to boost your business?

The product catalogue is the starting point of a marketplace strategy. As a meeting place between the seller and his customers, this catalogue must above all reflect the quality of the products offered.

The first step is of course to ensure that your products on the marketplace contain the correct information beforeyou can work on optimising them

Here are the best tips from the Cdiscount Advertising Sellers team:

Tips 1 - Create product sheets according to the best practices of Cdiscount marketplace:

You need to have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your catalogue before you look to improve it.

The construction of product sheets must meet the requirements of Cdiscount. It is therefore important to find out which elements are mandatory and which are optional.

This will give you the best chance to be naturally well referenced on the site. If you need assistance with this task the teams Cdiscount Advertising Sellers teams can offer you a complete audit. They will provide you with the score of your product sheets and the room for manoeuvre to optimise them.

Tips 2 - Provide attractive content for page visitors:

Through a detailed and pictorial description, product sheets allow customers to project themselves before buying. This is why it is essential to add qualitative content that will boost your competitiveness and thus trigger a sale. It will therefore be very interesting to complete your catalogue with more photos and/or videos that put your products in their context of use.

Adding relevant marketing information will also allow you to send a message to your customer and to teach them more about the advantages of your product.

Cdiscount Advertising Sellers gives you access to the BOOST'IT solution to create quality marketing descriptions. All you have to do is enter the desired content (image and text) in the template of your choice. This will allow you to add a qualitative element to your product sheet in order to convince your visitors!

Tips 3 - Build trust with prospects through customer reviews:

When you launch your business on Cdiscount or when new products are added to your catalogue, customer reviews help to reassure your prospects but also to build customer loyalty. They also allow you to improve the conversion rate. Investing in customer reviews is essential for launching and maintaining the marketing of products in your catalogue! Cdiscount is currently working on different solutions to help you collect customer reviews, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

You can also start acting now to optimise the number of reviews posted on your product sheets:

For example, it may be worth generating personalised emails to try to engage the customer and offer to post a review.

If you want to grab the customer's attention at the right moment, you can also put flyers or personalised words inside the parcel to encourage them to post a comment on your Cdiscount product sheet!

Tips 4 - Building a branded shop window :

Whatever the size of your business, it is important to work on its reputation on the marketplace. This is why creating a showcase with your image helps to draw prospects into your world.

In order to increase customer loyalty to your shop, you have the possibility of customising a shop to your image. Dedicated slots have been created to recreate your world on Cdiscount. It is now possible to access it from your Back Office or even to benefit from personalised assistance in creating your shop window with the Shop In Shop.

Coupled with a communication planthis showcase is an essential lever in the visibility of your products on Cdiscount marketplace.

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3. Testing phase (POC) with volunteer customers

The test phase is essential in the implementation of the project. This stage allows us to test the operation on a small scale with volunteer sellers. The aim is to obtain feedback. We can then make the necessary improvements and deploy it to all our sales staff. The test allows our teams to identify the strong points of the service. We give this stage the time necessary to optimise the product and its functionality.

A test phase is currently under way for a pricing solution in collaboration with Pricemoov. Don't waste time, places are limited!

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4. Launching the solution

Once the test phase is over, the solution is ready to be unveiled to all our vendors. We then prepare an adapted communication.The team's objective is to highlight the concrete cases in which a salesperson might need this service.

Externally, we present our services via emails, banners on the Seller's Area and posts on our LinkedIn page. We also share news with our employees in the Cdiscount Marketplace.

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