Cdiscount launches Cdiscount Advertising, a new division dedicated to digital marketing solutions for brands and marketplace sellers

With more than 10 years of expertise in digital advertising, Cdiscount Advertising will offer digital marketing solutions to help brands and marketplace sellers develop their sales. This activity is part of Cdiscount's broader strategy of profitable growth.

The growth of digital marketing driven by the growth of e-commerce
As more and more consumers choose e-commerce for their purchases, digital marketing has become a strategic issue for brands and sellers operating on marketplaces. Growth is largely driven by these platforms (+21% growth worldwide and +22% at Cdiscount in 2020[1]), as consumers prefer online players able to offer them the widest choice. Thus, retail media has become an essential marketing lever for brands and sellers wishing to address internet users, to reinforce their reputation, promote their innovations, develop their sales and gain market share.

Monetisation of the Cdiscount audience
With 10 million customers and 25 million unique visitors per month, Cdiscount is a key digital player and a powerful medium for brands and sellers on marketplaces wishing to reach consumers. Cdiscount is also a digital marketing pioneer with over 10 years of expertise in monetising e-commerce assets.
Cdiscount Advertising offers brands and marketplace sellers Cdiscount's audience coupled with targeted digital marketing solutions to strengthen their reputation, increase the visibility of their products among Internet users in the purchasing phase and thus develop the conversion of visitors into buyers. This activity, which is a pillar of Cdiscount's profitability, recorded 33% growth in 2020.

A range of digital marketing solutions developed in-house
For example, Cdiscount Advertising has launched CARS (Cdiscount Advertising Retail Solutions), its own advertising activation platform which offers several formats including search, display and video. Partner brands and sellers can choose how they will be able to increase their visibility in search results on the Cdiscount site. This tool, entirely designed by Cdiscount's technology and data experts, allows autonomous, fluid and measured management of digital marketing activities. This tool has already been tested by nearly 400 brands and over 4,500 sellers.

Since the beginning of the year, Cdiscount Advertising has continued to develop its Retail Media products and has launched two new offers:

  • Social Retail combines the power and proximity of social networks with Cdiscount's data.
  • Live Shopping which brings together video, social and retail to generate targeted engagement with a product.

With its expertise and its technological platform of digital marketing solutions, Cdiscount Advertising is the alternative to the international players in the sector.

About Cdiscount : is a subsidiary of the Casino Group. The French leader in non-food e-commerce, the Bordeaux-based company has nearly 2,000 employees and will achieve a turnover of more than €4 billion in 2020, including its marketplace with more than 13,000 partner merchants, including more than 5,000 French sellers.
A pioneer in responsible e-commerce, Cdiscount's mission is to make goods and services accessible to as many people as possible while building an inclusive and supportive European digital economy.


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1 ] Source: Digital Commerce 360