Buying on the Internet is now part of consumer habits. These new behaviours have become even more pronounced in 2020. The challenge now is for advertisers to develop a qualitative online visibility in order to ensure a presence in mind at the time of purchase.

How does Cdiscount represent a suitable advertising opportunity?


The upheavals we have been experiencing since 2020 have greatly changed our consumption patterns. Indeed, consumers have massively turned to digital. This situation has either created or reinforced the e-commerce reflex due to the health situation and a more practical and time-saving aspect in a more than ever overloaded daily life. The share of e-commerce will represent 13.4% of trade in France in 2020 vs. 9.8% in 2019. Our way of consuming now reflects, for many of us, our convictions: our purchases are more committed (eco-responsibility of products, short circuits, Made in France, circular economy...). According to IFOP, our consumer society is undergoing a real transformation, towards a second-hand economy, towards more eco-responsible production methods, where the use of plastic is becoming increasingly rare. Consumers are therefore waiting for a real quality and practicality of the brand experience, so that they don't have to wonder about the "clean" composition of the products, while enjoying a simple and quick purchasing process. At the same time, the consumption of information has shifted to digital: ? of French people have been informed via a digital medium last year (source: ACPM) and more and more, e-commerce sites are becoming full-fledged media, by directly integrating contextualized and value-added editorial content on the product sheets or on a dedicated space (blog, vlog, podcast ...)


Cdiscount, France's leading e-tailer, is one of the pure-players that have undertaken this service and editorial transformation, which partly explains why its audience has increased sharply in recent months to reach a record of 26.2 million unique visitors in December 2020 (source Médiamétrie//NetRatings), i.e. almost half of the French population. There are now more than 10 million customers - including 3 million recruited over the last year - who make their purchases on between online shoppingand media experience

Thus, the platform has succeeded in winning a new audience thanks to its positioning as an e-tailer serving the French, but also as a partner of an entire ecosystem, and in particular of tens of thousands of VSEs and SMEs. Cdiscount owes its success primarily to its offer, which has been expanded to include a galaxy of products and services that make everyday life easier: everyday consumer products (food, beauty, books), home services (real estate, energy, mutual insurance, mobile phone packages), travel, leisure and mobility (holiday reservations, flights, ticketing, driving schools)... The platform now offers more than 100 million products, positioning itself as a multi-specialist. In addition, entertainment now has a definite place on the site, thanks to a strategy of editorial content such as the Home & Garden magazine Recto&Verso, or La Cabane à jouer, to find ideas for activities to do with children. Cdiscount has also launched its first live shopping sessions, allowing the French to discover new products through video demos hosted by experts and influencers.

In addition, Cdiscount stands out for its commitment to its ecosystem and its strong support for the French economy (delivery of masks to VSEs/SMEs, opening the marketplace free of charge to physical stores forced to close in 2020, a space dedicated to "Made in France" where French brands are honored. A pioneer in responsible digital technology, Cdiscount has also created a second life hub on its site, offering solutions for repairing products, strengthened its refurbished offer and opened Cdiscount Occasion, which promotes the circular economy. This is why Cdiscount is receiving the enthusiasm of buyers committed to a more responsible and local consumption.


2021: new advertising opportunities

With this diversity of content, Cdiscount offers advertisers - whatever their sector - a more editorialized, qualitative and brand-safe environment (Digital Ad Trust Label since 2018) to deploy contextualized and non-intrusive communication. Its multi-specialist positioning enables it to capture more than 1,500 e-retail data segments: purchase, purchase intentions, purchasing behaviour (made in France, technophile, early adopter), lifestyle (urban, country life) or even life moments (birth, moving, marriage, retirement)

Cdiscount therefore becomes a crossroads of audience, to make a new product known to as many people as possible, as the Française des Jeux is used to doing for the launch or promotion of its games. It is also a broadcasting context that makes it possible to raise awareness on a massive scale on societal subjects such as energy saving in partnership with ADEME or Public Health. The major French brands can now use Cdiscount as a new medium to address their target audience as part of a branding communication.