2020 was an award-winning year for Cdiscount Advertising, winning two awards for its CARS! self-service ad activation platform.

The objective was to support a retail media market that has gained in maturity and to respond to the growing need of brands for autonomy and transparency in the activation of their digital campaigns. Cdiscount Advertising Retail Solutions (CARS) is a platform-based advertising activation solution that enables Cdiscount's shopper data to be activated in search, display and video.

We are proud to have been awarded the Gold Trophy for CARS Search at the Grand Prix du Search 2020 in the Best Search Campaign category and the Silver Trophy for CARS Display at the E-commerce 2020 Awards in the Best Retail Innovation of the Year category.

"Retail media is an important constant in our strategy, from addressing the top of the funnel, to working on branding, to conversion. With the CARS platform, it is possible to manage our campaigns more finely, to be more flexible, to make them more relevant and finally to do business more intelligently." Sylvie NOULETTE
Brand and Trade Marketing Director

Thank you to our clients Candy Hoover Group and Lenovo for their trust and congratulations to the teams for these awards!