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"We've been working with retail media at Cdiscount for over three years now. When you are looking for performance, the shopper data is the most qualitative on the market. Combined with the daily optimization work, we have obtained a ROAS 6x higher with Cdiscount than with traditional campaigns.
In 2021, we would like to know our Cdiscount customers better with tactical surveys to refine our targeting and boost our performance even more.


Product centric
  • Prospective users under cat' 0-6 months
  • Visitors to product pages
  • Users searching for the top 20 products in the early years’ category
  • Prospective user under cat' 6-18 months
  • Non-buyer product page visitors
  • Users searching for Top 20 competing products


Search & display


Targets exceeded!


ROAS on investments using shopper data

4 to 10

ROAS on display & search investments made

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