Cdiscount is strengthening its position as the French leader in e-commerce by positioning itself for several years now as a facilitator in the lives of the French. It now federates a community of over 9 million buyers and offers brands new advertising opportunities.

A service ambition beyond the good product-price deal

Remember: Cdiscount, more than 20 years ago, was mainly about low prices on CDs and then on large household appliances and televisions. Today, if the best price remains a priority, its offer has been considerably expanded. is now a multi-specialist where it is good to stroll as in a real mall, but online! For example, the site now offers the delivery of local products through partnerships with local producers. The ambition of France'sleading e-commerce site does not stop there: to better support the French in their daily lives, it has also developed new services: Cdiscount Mobile as early as 2016, Cdiscount Energy in 2017, Cdiscount Travel in 2018, and Cdiscount Real Estate in 2019.

François Albenque, director of services at Cdiscount: "With the launch of these numerous services, Cdiscount is responding to the needs of its customers beyond the products and is addressing the more than 21 million unique visitors per month. This development strategy also allows us to demonstrate our strong desire to differentiate ourselves by innovating through the launch of these new online markets. »

From a product communication strategy to a more lifestyle approach

Containment will have catalysed this new service positioning, as the French have found it advantageous to order a large majority of everyday products and services online. Thus sales have increased (+40% additional activity in April compared to March) as has the number of new customers (+50% compared to the same period in 2019). Cdiscount has, at the same time, evolved the site's scripting by creating new categories focused on life at home.

New advertising opportunities for advertisers

Thanks to its new content, Cdiscount can also claim to be a genuine media site with over 21 million unique visitors per month and peaks of 24 million unique visitors, guaranteeing brands a positive and non-anxiety-inducing environment. The transformation of Cdiscount also allows us to imagine new commercial and advertising concepts such as the creation of an online e-dealership hosted on the site (vehicle product sheet and test drive reservation in a physical dealership). Finally, Cdiscount now has a large audience that is sensitive to French products: an additional opportunity for brands to target "Made in France".

Pauline Boisseau
Director of the Off-Capital Division